2016 Voyager Award to Capt. Lee Werth

Capt. Lee Werth received the Voyager Award at the ASA’s 2016 Annual Meeting for his single-handed Atlantic crossings in RENEGADE.  This he managed after retiring as a Professor of Philosophy at Cleveland State University.  His schooner, RENEGADE, was a Bruce Roberts 31/32, built of solid fiberglass by Colin Neal of East Liverpool, OH. 

In 2008 Lee set off from Beaufort, NC, wintering at Horta in the Azores, thence to Sines, Portugal for the summer, followed by a winter in Lagos.  In Portugal, courtesy of a cruising friend from Argentina, Lee found a painter’s studio.  He gained a reputation as the napkin and placemat artist, having his drawings displayed on the walls of restaurants, pubs and a gallery.  Almost every tall ship that stopped at Horta has his drawings.  He departed Portugal in 2011 for Madeira and Lanzarote in the Canaries, then crossed in 35 days to Antigua.  By that time Lee was a septuagenarian and getting a bit creaky.  After enduring five operations Lee turned over RENEGADE to another owner in the Virgin Islands.

Nowadays Lee lives aboard his Tartan 34C, and is presently in NC making the boat more geriatric-friendly for a passage to Bermuda.  Mostly Lee can be found in the Chesapeake where he does theatrical musicals and writes on the psychological dimensions of solo-sailing. 

Accounts of Lee's travels with photos and more of his drawings can be found in Wing and Wing __ Winter 2010  from Faro, Portugal,  Spring 2011 from Rio Guadiana, Portugal, Fall 2011 Faro to Canaries and Spring 2012 from Canaries to Antigua.

Al Bezanson