Petitt Filler Stains for Varnishing Mohagony

As some of you may have noticed, the standby standard filler stains produced by Pettit and later V-Spar / Pettit are no longer available as Pettit has discontinued the product, as they have also discontinued their seam compounds.  They have sold the formulations of the filler stain to a company called Sanduscky Paints

Their prices seem to be good.  They do not use the same number system as Pettit (1095 for standard for example), so call them with questions and I have no knowledge if they followed the formulation.  I have purchased some Interlux stain just in case, but I think I will return it unopened.  So give them a shout at Sandusky and let us know what you find out.  I found a bunch of old Pettit on the internet and ordered 4 cans.  Probably going to be work to mix it up but that is ok.   By the way - we had to use Interlux above the waterline seam compound last fall since we ran out of our Pettit supply and frankly the Interlux material was really inferior [bad] (soupy, hard to clean up the seams, couldn't be easily painted since it would drag with the roller and brush etc) so we mixed it with some west system high density and fairing compound filler and that seemed to soak up the excess goopy moisture so as to give the seam compound a workable texture, density, good adhesion and other desireabable properties.  It was acceptable after modifying it, but really was bad straight out of the can.  We used 8 pints in one day.  The underwater compound was however ok, actually really pretty good, perhaps even slightly better than the old Pettit product.  Hope this info helps at haulout