Any REAL cloth sails left lurking out there in dry sail lockers/bins? That you would like to get rid of?.

Hello to all of you who can still remember those smaller paneled, real cloth sails....canvas or linen types...we do a number of living history  educational programs,dockside for students and interested general public and would appreciate any leads on a few reasonable conditioned cloth sails....our interest is to show the hand finish work and details that were pretty standard back then.i know we all have switched over to Dacron and other similar products but i would hope that some of us may have stashed some of those cloth sails just because they werent completely trashed at switchover time! I know the new owner of my old 6 meter wanted the old cloth sails even though he said hed never use loss! You can rest assured we would take good care of them and use them to open the eyes of a new generation ! Thanks!