Adventure Crew to ASA, Mystic

Hey Al Bezanson,
Hope you're going to be out and about on Friday night this week. Got your article you sent in the mail a bit ago. Hope the Green Dragon is in good order. Looking forward to seeing you and many others this weekend. You shouldn't be eating salty peanuts....bad for the insides, you know. Can't believe it is forty years ago this year we worked together at the NMF Lab in Gloucester. I was only a youngster and its really great to cross paths again. Adventure is coming along fine. Transom is fully framed up and her port side is ready to be planked. We've had a good winter and made good progress. Just communicated with Jim Sharp down in Florida about our progress. Any time anyone wants a tour on her some Saturday, I can set up a date and time and bring any lookers onboard to see her shaping up. Really incredible work going on at the site. Keep the faith.
Peter and Joanne Souza, Schooner Adventure, Gloucester

It's a Good Thing You're Coming

What a relief to hear Adventure is so far along in her recovery. Keep up the good work. Don't know if you heard about the effort that was underway to move the Gloucester Schooner Festival to New Bedford, so it would be more convenient for Ernestina. It appears now however, that this idea has been set back because your rival Gloucester schooner is being held in custody by the Commonwealth.

Don't forget to bring a couple bushels of lobsters to the Friday night gathering.

Al Bezanson