2007/2008 Atlantic Freedom Tour of the Freedom Schooner Amistad

MYSTIC CT, Feb 3, 2007. Gregory Belanger, CEO of AMISTAD America, Inc. (AAI), announcing the Amistad's Atlantic Freedom Tour during the Annual Meeting of American Schooner Association (ASA) at the Seamen's Inn in Mystic, CT. The highlight of the Annual Meeting - the presentation by Captain Jan Miles - the commander of schooner Pride of Baltimore II, who spoke in detail on the circumstances leading to the dismasting of the ship during participation in the Tall Ship Race in Europe in 2005 was especially interesting for the Amistad as both ships carry a very similar rigging.

The schooner Amistad is being readied for its longest voyage so far: a “freedom tour” across the Atlantic Ocean to England and ultimately to Sierra Leone, the original homeland for most of the Amistad captives. The ambitious undertaking, scheduled to begin June 21 when the ship sets sail from New Haven Harbor, is tied to the 200th anniversary of the British Parliament banning slave shipments from Africa.

“We will be representing New Haven and Connecticut and America on an international level,” said Gregory Belanger.

To learn more about the Freedom Schooner Amistad program we reccomend watching the short video documentary and exploring the AMISTAD America website.

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