New Schooner for Middle River, Maryland

Schooner Anne Elizabeth, is moving to her new home in Middle River today. After a nice goodbye sail with her old owners yesterday, Darlene and I are moving her to Sue Creek, off Middle River on the Chesapeake Bay.
Anne Elizabeth is a veteran of The Great Chespeake Bay Schooner race, and we intend to continue participating.
We do feel a little guilty about "robbing" the Junkins, and the Annapolis area, but there are many other schooners around Annapolis, we spotted one yesterday, but couldn't raise her on the radio.
I promise a full report later, but our ride is here and I have to run.
Paul Schaub (new owner)

The Lazy Jack Schooner 'Ann

The Lazy Jack Schooner 'Ann Elizabeth' will be coming to her new home today with her proud new owner and ASA member Paul Schaub. We know she is leaving the loving care of the Junkins Family, Ann, Dave, and Max, and they will miss her dearly. Paul is an experienced, knowledgable sailor. He is looking forward to his first adventure as the Captain of Ann Elizabeth during the Annual Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race this coming October. His crew so far includes 1st Mate Darlene Alexander.


Paul and Darlene,
Congratulations! Ann Elizabeth is in fine hands. She made her debut under new ownership at Privateer Day in Fells Point this past weekend.. she looked lovely. She was joined by schooners Prom Queen, Westward, Farewell and Clipper City. Quite a collection and a fun day...

Cogratulations! .... and...

Need crew for the race, or any time? Give me a shout.

I acquired DRIFTWOOD (half-schooner) in Middle River (Galloway Creek). Nice location.

Greg DeCowsky
Chair, Schooner CASHIER Restoration
Bayshore Discovery Project
Bivalve, NJ