Recipe for a Race

Assemble 270 volunteers from the Broad Bay Sailing Association, Fells Point Yacht Club, Portsmouth Boat Club and Town Point Yacht Club

Bring 40 schooners to Fells Point and blend. Come early

Arrange a NW breeze of 25 kt and then some

Reassemble entire batch for the Pig Roast & Awards in Portsmouth

Race results at
Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race

In this 18th year of the GCBSR, Virginia, Capt. Nicholas Alley, set a new elapsed time record of 11h18m53s for the 127 mi course to Thimble Shoal!

Capt. Jan Miles, Pride of Baltimore II describes the dozens of sail changes made in a valiant effort to overtake Virginia. Second place Pride's elapsed time was 9m37s behind Virginia's

Delbay and Jesse Briggs and crew got old A J Meerwald to Thimble Shoal in 13h53m37s.

George Treiber, GCBSR Treasurer, presents another $10,000 donation to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

John Eginton, Mystic Whaler, remembers Heron, and hopes for the return of Bob and Roberta Pulsch in next year's race.

In Class AA, Lady Maryland had an elapsed time of 13h45m59s, finishing only 49 seconds after Mystic Whaler, seen here astern of Maryland. On a corrected time basis Maryland was third, Whaler fourth.

Woodwind improved her previous record handily, with an elapsed time of 11h55m16s to Thimble Shoal. Here are Jen Brest, Ken & Ellen Kaye and Dan Brest.

Mark Faulstick's 1926 Alden Malabar VI, Adventurer, was first in B, and had the best corrected time in B&C to Windmill Point, winning the coveted Howdy Bailey belt buckle. Also, best corrected time for the fleet at Thimble Shoal, for Bragging Rights and free drinks for Mark.

Martha White and Sally B at the dock of the evicted Elizabeth River Ferry. Dan MacLeod's Sally B got a reshaped keel and other drastic modifications in a 3 week intensive effort just prior to the race. She sailed the 80 miles to Windmill Point in 10h08m00s, only 10m10s behind Adventurer and 8m00s behind 2nd place Martha White.

In Class C, Paul Gray, in his first race of any kind, sailed Quintessence to a first place, leading Farewell by 1h41m15s on a corrected time basis. Built by Jarvis Newman and Mack Pettigrew with Friendship lines, Quintessence has a schooner rig designed by Ralph Stanley.

"Barnacle Bill" Hamilton was in the weather berth of Quintessence, crossing the Potomac. Until he went airborne. He eventually regained consciousness, and by the end of the race was only in moderate pain.

Peter Carroll was third in C with Libertate with an elapsed time of 15h22m08s to Windmill. Followed closely by Norfolk Rebel (15h29m26s). And Rebel was reefed!

This is single-hander Lee Werth of Renegade, whose blogs under "Capt. Lee" are on this website. Sunday morning after the Pig Roast, Town Point YC's Mike Monteith showed up with a replacement for the cracked coupling on Renegade's Beta engine, and installed it. "No big deal, that's what volunteers do."

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