Cambridge Schooner Rendezvous

Thanks From the MAC-ASA Commodore, Roger Worthington:

This year's Cambridge Schooner Rendezvous , in spite of a fairly inclimate weather on Saturday that forced all ships to remain securely attached to Long Wharf, was as successful as could be hoped for.
The fund raiser aboard the three masted schooner Mystic was well attended even with a nice thirty knot breeze blowing across her upper decks. Amy and her fine crew are to be commended by all for providing their beautiful vessel for this occasion. Fine food, great music, dynamic crowd, and of course a wonderful concoction dubbed "schooner punch" consumed to the very last drop.
This year set a record for the event and most likely for Cambridge harbor. Five tall ships attended; Pride of Baltimore II, Mystic Whaler, Mystic, Amistad, and Virginia, and of course Martha White and her musical entourage. A total of twenty one other vessels including the beautiful English lugger Rosalind, and our very own Rick Carrion gracing the event with ELF. To see her coming up the Choptank River Sunday afternoon full and by was absolutely stunning.
The ASA Mid Atlantic members showed up in numbers as never before. We also gained a good many new conscripts thanks to volunteer efforts tending our booth.
The Governor of Maryland , due to the efforts of Colleen Bell , has officially proclaimed October as Maryland Schooner Month, mainly for the three major schooner events, The GCBCR, Cambridge Schooner Rendezvous, and the Down Rigging of the Sultana in Chestertown . It has only taken us three years to achieve the title of being a major event.
Thanks go out from your Commodore to everyone who was involved in any way to make this event a success. We are all looking forward to next year. Those who would like to become involved please contact me via e mail or any other method. We will need more help the larger this event becomes. We even had a float plane land on Sunday, right in the harbor, another first. Most likely Paula and I will be attending the ASA National Meeting in Mystic this coming February. We are also looking forward to our local chapter meeting in March in St Michael's MD.
Before you know it will be sailing season. Paula and I are planning to attend Privateer Days in Fells Point, our first destination for Prom Queen around the end of April. For those who have not attended this event I highly recommend it. loads of fun, especially if you have young uns. The dates are well published, check it out.
Fair winds and fair seas
Commodore Worthington signing off.