We No Longer Own Schooner Splendid

We are very sorry that we have been absent from the ASA community for so long, but we were advised by our lawyers not to speak of the matter until it was resolved. All that I am permitted to say publically is that we had taken SPLENDID to Dutch Wharf Boat Yard in Branford Connecticut for restoration and that the restoration was not successful. We ended up in a Federal lawsuit with the yard, the litigation has been resolved, and the yard retained possession of the vessel.

In order to move on with our lives, we purchased another schooner. METANI is a staysail schooner built in Australia in 1983 out of Kauri; her underbody is basically Malabar X, but she has more sheer and freeboard for better seaworthiness. We will add a METANI page to this web site soon. In the meantime you can check out www.SchoonerMetani.com.

We have been having fun living aboard METANI and travelling around the Caribbean for the past year and a half. We plan to participate in the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta in mid-April and will proudly fly our ASA burgee while there. Any and all ASA members who are there should stop by and say hi. We plan to be in New England for the summer and look forward to attending many schooner events and reconnecting with the schooner community.

Jim, Norie & Nikki Bregman

Welcome Metani!

Hi Jim- METANI looks great, and I've added her to the ASA schooner registry. I'm looking forward to a chance to catch up with you once you make your way back to these waters (or if/when we make it down your way). Our news: we're making a move to Nova Scotia this summer. Living closer to COMET II... Cheers, Alex