Schoooner Sheerwater

I heard 'round the scuttlebutt that the schooner "Sheerwater" might be again for sale on the Left Coast...any news or comments? Mr. Stubbs

SHEARWATER for sale in San Diego

SHEARWATER is indeed for sale ... according to a post on Craiglist in Orange County. The last schooner built at the Story Shipyard in Essex, Massachusetts. Shoal draft, designed by the late Phil Bolger, built by Brad Story. When she moved to the left coast GREEN DRAGON became the only remaining schooner in Manchester. It's lonely here --- I miss my old buddy and I'm hoping someone will bring her back from the Golden State.


Shearwater for sale

Do you have anymore information on the Schooner Shearwater? Whether she has been sold or is being offered for sale?