The Schooner Mahdee Relaunched April 8th, 2009

After two and a half years of rebuilding, we're relaunched the schooner Mahdee. New frames, floors, and planking as well as countless new fasteners--she's ready for another eight decades of sailing the world's oceans.

Thanks goes out to all of the American Schooner Association members--especially Schooner Fred!--who have provided moral support and good leads on finding needed materials during this long re-build.

Presently lying in San Diego at Driscoll Mission Bay, her masts will be re-stepped during the month of May and we'll begin the process of sea trials shortly thereafter.

The entire crew--David, Brenda and cat Beamer, now living aboard, are enjoying the schooner immensely.

Congratulations Brenda and David

I can only imagine how satisfied and excited you both must be at this moment. I can remember our first phone conversations when you were looking for a schooner, then finding Mahdee, and now having brought her back to life- what a start to a great adventure! Given that she was built during the prohibition, I am curious, did she have a hidden liquor cabinet or tank. I have heard of another Crocker prohibition schooner having had a hidden booze tank?

For interested others, don't forget to visit for more photos, this is a very intersting and handsome Crocker Schooner.