The ASA is everywhere

Landed at a fuel dock several miles downwind from my anchored boat in Mystic. The mission was to refill the outboard tank, which was about 98% empty. Marina closed. Just two strangers on the dock. One spotted an ASA brochure projecting from my pocket. "If you are in the ASA I reckon we can help you." Turned out to be members John and Jonathan Jablonowski. Got a ride to a gas station and they donated a bottle of oil.

And by the way, they are looking for a small schooner.

ASA is everywhere

There I was standing on C Dock at Brewers Mystic, having a brew with my son Jonathan after spending the afternoon on the Mystic River giving family members a tour and a review of the Wooden Boat Show, down the dock came this lengthy young fellow with a gas can in his hand. He stopped to say hi, as I thought, but he needed gas, after a second glance on the front of his shirt I read ASA MEMBER, I could not believe it..(we had three members to have a meeting) So we had to help Al Bezanson get gas. Since everything was closed we needed to drive Al to the nearest gas station. We were glade to help. I hope Al remembers the offer I made on trading my almost maintenance free vessel Timeout for his Green Dragon.....very best to all!