Annual meeting overnight accomadations

For the annual meeting we stayed at the Mystic Hilton. With our AAA Card, our cost was only $107.00 per night. I think its well worth it. I was real impressed with the accomadations. Perhpas we can get a group rate at the Mystic Hilton next year.
Very best!
John Jablonowski

We would probably be kicked out!

Hi John!
I have stayed at the Hilton and it is a beautiful place. Not sure they would appreciate our Friday night festivities though!!!


You bring up a good point. I have never attended the Friday Night get together. The Hilton is so big they probably would be able to give us our own section off the beaten path with a party room on the lower level. I probably will be having a few business seminar's there over the spring and fall, if ASA would like I could always check with Hilton Management. They do have a very nice open fireplace, bar and for a few dollars more
a Hot Tub.