Annual Meeting 2011

Lots of fun. Enjoyed seeing everyone. Thanks to the board of governors for organizing and managing the event are in order. Also thanks to all the folks who contributed to a great pre-meeting gathering by bringing themselves, great food and entertainment. Al's endless oysters, Susan's ASA and schooner cookies, Bill's potent Porter (in addition to the Bohemians, wine and rum), and all the other great food, ...shrimp, smoked salmon, bread bowl dips, crackers and cheese, nuts, a big square hunks of killer salami and cheese, and other hors de vers made for a great evening. Where was the spam? Not a quiet party, but lively and fun until 1:00 am graced by music and shanty by Peter and Joanne and others so skilled and so inclined.

The lunch and speaker were well done, and the meeting was a good conversation amoung members. Too bad the weather prevented some from attending. Good to see everyone, had a great time. Anyone second that? - arrrgh

And the newcomers!

I met 5 four-legged newcomers standing watch over all that wonderful food. They seemed to be regarding the two-legged types with polite quiet amusement. There were two familiar faces... Tiller and Effie, but I didn't catch the names of the others. Roger's pair from PROM QUEEN seemed a bit shy, perhaps fearful Effie might step on them inadvertently.

John Eginton picked a winner with the Hampton Inn. Five stars in my book. They have invited us back next year and said they would reward our good behavior with a more generous discount.

Those able to remain Saturday night enjoyed a fine dinner at the Mystic Boathouse restaurant. We had a private room with a group of 30, again thanks to John Eginton. The story-telling went on and the ones I had heard before seemed to get even truer.

Some fun!

I second the motion. In spite of my banged up foot I can't remember having a better time. Its a long trip up for those of us in the "Southern contingent" but definitely worth the ride. I wont make the mistake of going out to eat before the Friday party again ... what a feast! Great food, great rum and beer and especially great old shipmates; what more could an old pirate like me ask for? Wicked wenches? Maybe in an earlier chapter of my life. Hampton Inn rocks!!