309L Alden Schooner "Nordlys" lost to chainsaw in Sandusky area

Just got a call from a guy who claims Nordlys lost to over-anxious boat yard "clean-up" campaign recently...
Waiting on pix..

Three 309s remaining

She was badly hogged but all the hardware was there. 309 L Mystica (ex-Evanthia III, ex-Topaz, ex-Antareo, ex- Nordleys, ex- Fancy Free, ex-Doubloon II) Built for Frederick M. Gardiner, 1929.

That leaves three 309s remaining, to my knowlege, unless Niliraga is out there somehwere, but I think not. All the remaining boats were built in 1930

309 M True North (ex-Emma Jean, ex-wilabil, ex-Aegir) Built for Frank E. Richmond,1930. Cold molded hull.

309 N Qilak (ex-Pinafore, ex- Wogg Too, ex- Spindrift, ex- Orn Air II, ex-Dingo Sweet, ex-Blackjack, ex-Unforgettable) Built for Henry, H, Landon, 1930. Plank on frame sheated over.

309 Q Blackbird (original name) Built for Myron Arms, 1930. Plank on Frame. Original throughout.


So what happened to the hardware...any ideas?
Chip Angell
The Brookin Inn
Brooklin Maine


Prior owner has the hardware, I'm not sure how much and he may have the binnacle.

Alden# 309j

I own Allegro Alden # 309j She is alive and well in Chicago.


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