ELF Classic race update

Greg forgot to post this, so Jenny (ELF's rodent control officer) asked me to do it.

The ELF Classic race is coming up in only 28 days! Sign up soon (see above right under events or go to www.cyrg.org for entry and sponsorship forms).

Yes, sponsorship, if you would like to help us but can't actually bring your boat. Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is a great supporter of the traditional vessel community and ASA MAC in particular so you will be helping a great institution.

We also need volunteers to help with many aspects of the race, both on shore and afloat. Also, there may be a few crew opportunities on some classic boats that have already signed up. If interested please contact Bill at wsonntag at verizon dot net or Rick at elf1888 at earthlink dot net..

A couple of items of good news to report:

- MARTHA WHITE has signed on to race, and as Chesapeake members might guess, Schoonertime will be supplying the finest in live bluegrass music at both the Eastport (Fri.) and St. Michaels (Sat.) ends of the race.

- Rumor has it that Calico Jack will be playing at CBMM during the day Saturday. There is also a model boat show on that day, so come to CBMM and spend the day if you're not racing.

- We actually have gotten enough sponsors to guarantee that we will be able to provide some beer and munchies at the awards ceremony. (Participants wanting tea instead should look for Greg.)

See you there,
Schooner CAT-CHEER

Elf Classic Race

Please note that the "Upcoming Events" section of this website lists the Elf Classic Race from Annapolis to St. Michaels, MD as being 7 days from now. Today is May 12th. The race is on Saturday, May 21st ... 9 days from now if my math skills haven't left me. There are a few activities on Friday night but the big race is on Saturday.

Half a schooner with twice the sail

Photo from the MIT Collection

At this moment the wind forecast for the race is NNW 6 which will enable Elf to streak over to St. Michael's... provided Rick can assemble at least 13 courageous crew to manage the canvas. Fifteen competing boats including the schooners Tom Swift and Martha White have signed up.

race results

Saturday was about as beautiful a day as I've seen on the Chesapeake! Could have used a bit more wind but otherwise the day was a smashing success. Greg DeCowsky and I heroically volunteered to guard the numerous cases of premium beers prior to the reception. There was some loss but nobody's perfect. Go to www.cyrg.org for all of the race results and pictures to be posted shortly. Classic Yacht Restoration Guild members have a sizeable canine contingent too, including a Portugese waterdog, a Chesapeake Bay retriever, and a host of slightly less nautical hounds. There were at least 7 present at the race. Maybe an auxillary to PAWS? An investigation will have to be launched however into the identity of the participant who left the little canine surprise under the viewing tent. PAWS members would never have behaved in such a manner!