Notice of Membership Dues - Commodores Message

Over the past several decades we have had a rather casual system of notifying members when their membership has expired and dues should be submitted. It has worked something like this. We put out an annual announcement that dues are due by the annual meeting, since only members in good standing (ie., paid up) have a right to vote according to our bylaws. With this system, everybody paying at some time in year 200X gets to vote at the annual meeting in Febraury in year 200X+1. Plus folks that join late in the year, generally past September, were grandfathered for the entire next year. Then quarterly we have to decide who should receive Wing & Wing, and we further grandfather more overdue members, because a large number of folks don't know they are overdue and pay randomly at some time later in the year. Receiving Wing & Wing then enforces the notion "I must be paid up- I'm still getting Wing & Wing". And then we had member's dues reminders in Wing & Wing several times a year, and no-one knew who it applied to.

Confusing right. Well don't feel alone, it has kept me confused for the better part of the last two years.

We have recently updated our database to reflect the month and year members have joined and therefore can calculate when memberships are due. We currently have 132 members in good standing (paid up) in cluding 44 new members in 2005, and 78 members that are "overdue" less than one year. Wing and Wing will be sent in late December to these 210 members. Our goal is to get most of the overdue members to re-up by the annual meeting. That would give us 210 members in good standing by the annual meeting. For reference, we had 85 paid up members at the time of the annual meeting in February 2004. If we can accomplish that, we will have doubled this organization's membership in two years. That is really great news. We are back on the road to growth, and I would like to see the ASA membership double again in four more years. In the members area of the website, we have special PDF membership form members can print and distribute. Help us grow!!

Now, if you are in the "overdue" list, don't worry. You will know shortly by way of a friendly letter or e-mail from me. Please try to re-up before the annual meeting.

In addition we have historically another 123 memberhips that have expired since the ASA was formed. We will be contacting these past members as well, to the extent the adresses are still valid. The statistics are as follows:

There are 5 folks from 2003 whose memberships have expired, 13 memberships expired from 2002, eight from 2001, 7 from 2000, 2 from 1999, and about 58 memberships expired from the period 1998-1972.

Thanks again for your support of the ASA.

Peter Thompson