Ranzo, the YouTube Chanteyman

Just saw this on LinkedIn, haven't had a chance to check him out yet.

"A quasi-systematic project of recording examples of the sea chanteys (shanties) in Stan Hugill’s book of the same title. The text compendium contains “over 400 shanties,” and Hugill was one of the last living working chanteymen aboard merchant sailing vessels, who was largely responsible for keeping alive the know-how of chantey-singing after the days off sail had ended."

"It has often been said that a chantey was worth ten hands on a rope. I say that nowadays a chantey is worth 1000 songs in an iPod."

Actually I have close to 1000 sea songs in my ipod... if it's less it's because my shanty-singing friends are overdue for new CDs.

Now a shanty is only a click away! But will this mean "Leave Her, Johnny" for touring shantymen/women?