Rants are good for the soul

Plank on frame - boulderdash, why do we need it, how can we keep it going. African Mahogeny is not as good as 30 years ago Phillipine. Hondo today is as good as Honda in the 70's. Not much better than African or Philly, which was a cheese steak quality wood at best. Don't use 60 grit on any of these, they will sand faster than Balsa.

Teak decks require a plywood substrate. Better off using vertical grain painted white pine or fir.

White lead is now extinct, last 5 lb. can I have (less than a pint) was $175. Half gone- what's the investment value now? Red lead is now extinct, last two gallon's $225 each.

Epoxy which won't stick to oak is not a viable traditional boat building product but has become a go-to material. Boat yard bedding compound sales are slow, so take your boat apart and re-bed something or we will loose that too. Whats the next best good bedding compound? Crest Toothpaste?

We are going down the wooden boat fish foodchain. Ever seeking new wood species in dimension to meet our needs, but with acceptance of inferior quality. Whats next, quarter sawn dog fish wood or some of Green Dragons turn of the century salt cod planking?

Remember this is just a rant, but I have to ASK ..Why have the plank on frame gods abandoned us. Where did we go wrong.

Today- I heard a news flash on CBS. Unemployment rates in 200 major urban cities has improved for the last two months, largely because people have given up on looking for work. Thanks CBS that makes a lot sense. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Can plank on frame survive?