Live tracking the GCBSR

The GCBSR starts Thursday Oct 13th at 1:30 PM. There is a link on the Baltimore Marine Center website that will connect to Kattack and enable live tracking of all the boats in the race. So -- armchair sailors will again be able to enjoy an all-nighter. When I tracked the race last year I had the NOAA forecasts and real time wind from weather buoys in another window and that made it very interesting. BMC is covering the cost of the tracking and they will ask you to furnish your name and email address to get connected. Here's their website Baltimore Marine Centers

On Thursday night, for added realism, advanced armchair racers might station themselves outdoors with their laptops, in swinging hammocks, within range of a lawn sprinkler, with multiple radios blaring, against a backdrop of blinking red and green Christmas lights.

NOAA weather stations

Thomas Point

Cove Point


Stingray Point

York River

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

GCBSR at 1800

Wind SSE 16-17 kt at Cove Point
Tornado warnings to the west around DC

AA... America 2.0 far in the lead and only abeam Cambridge... followed by Mystic Whaler and Lady Maryland

A...Woodwind, Mistress, Heron, Prom Queen, Brilliant

B... Sally B, Adventurer 65, Dove II

C... Avelinda, Farewell, Summerwind

GCBSR at 2000

SSE 18-20 kt at Cove Pt
Fleet is all N of Cove Pt
America 2.0, Woodwind, Brilliant
Heron, Mistress, Adventurer 56
Prom Queen, Adventurer 65, Sally B
Avelinda, Lady Maryland, Dove II
Mystic Whaler, Goodwind, Farewell
Artist Proof, Edlyn Rose, Liberty Clipper
AJ Meerwald, Cuchlain, Celebration
Quintessence, Libertate, Shanty
Spirit of Independence,, Sultana

Summer Wind and Adventure withdrew
Nofolk Rebel appears to be steaming

It's a fine night to be watching this on the internet

GCBSR at 0200 14 Oct

S 11-14 kt at Cove Point
SSW 11-16 kt at Potomac

America 2.0, Woodwind, Brilliant
Heron, Mistress, Prom Queen
Adventurer 65, Avelinda*, Sally B
Adventurer 56, Lady Maryland, Sultana
Mystic Whaler, Goodwind, Dove II, Liberty Clipper
AJ Meerwald, Cuchlain, Edlyn Rose
Quintessence, Shanty, Spirit of Independence

Artist Proof, Celebration, Farewell & Libertate withdrew

*Avelinda, Class C, is an open Outward Bound boat

America 2.0 is just S of Pt. lookout
Woodwind is N of Pt. lookout
Avelinda and all boats trailing her still N of Cove Point

It's a fine night to be watching this on the internet. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Hang in there crews!


S 12-13 kt at Cove Point
S 10-12 kt at Potomac
SSW 10-14 kt at Stingray Point

America 2.0 is tacking E off Stingray Point at 10.6 kt
Woodwind is 5 mi astern
Adventurer 65 is 32 mi astern
Avelinda is 33.6 mi astern

Most of the fleet is in an area just N of Cove Point to just N of Point Lookout

Some boats are not reporting current positions


S 12-14 kt at Cove Point
SSW 14-18 kt at Potomac
SSW 10-14 kt at Stingray Point
S 10-13 kt at Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

Distance to finish (mi)

America 2.0..... 28
Woodwind.... 34
Adventurer 65.... 36
Avelina..... 39

Signing off and heading for the Pig Roast to protect the food for the late arrivals.


At this moment America 2.0 has arrived in Portsmouth.