Holiday Sale at Hamilton Marine

For the discerning yachtsman.

I went into Hamilton's at lunch today to get a couple boxes of bronze screws. 40% off on Sperry Topsider Gold Cup Collection. So I bought a pair. They were cheaper than a box of SB #14 2 1/2" flat head screws.


Genuine deerskin linings for incomparable comfort

Triple density memory foam footbeds for persoanlized fit

TC-4 vibram technology sole for anchor like traction, and (to top it off)

18K Gold-plated eyelets & hardware for corrosion resistance.

They proport to be designed and engineered with the same care given the finest vessels.

Gonna be stylin at the annual meeting. Ain't wearin no spam no more. aayah!


I’m not surprised the STGCCs were a better deal than SBFHWSs. You could have a pretty good night on the town for the price of one little box. The Sperrys will look right spiffy atop the new decks you are building, but are you really planning to show up so fancily shod at the meeting?


Dragon Man - I'm going to be shod like a thoroughbred. Then in March we’ll host the first annual MBBS sock burning with a dress code of green blazers and ascots adorned with ASA logos. All those meeting their oyster quotas for the evening will be invited to participate. Very exclusive you know. I’m heading out now to the start putting in those SBFHWSs.


Keep in mind that it is going to be February and that the wearing of any kind of socks with deck shoes is a serious faux pas. I know you are a Mainer but your tootsies might be a bit cold.


Durn! I just went out and got a blue blazer on black Friday. It was a heck of a deal. I was planning on wearing it to the annual meeting. They are forbidden as you may know by the Town Point Yacht Club, of which I am a member. One time however, after a race from Rebel Marina on a hot June afternoon a special exception was made at our Bud Light affair where blue blazers were actually required. I was able to borrow one and several young ladies commented favorably about how it went with my orange Moxie tee shirt.

PS… I will have a couple pounds of assorted SBFHWSs available to swap alongside the oyster bar. At the going price for new ones these moderately-corroded pre-owned ones with somewhat-buggered slots ought to be worth something.

But it they are properly treated

with a heavy coat of SPAM grease they should be worth much more than new.

Jim and Sandy Davis
S/V Isa Lei

Spam Grease

Problem with using spam grease to waterproof boat shoes is the schooner dog. Just won't stop lapping the shoes. However spam grease is great for lubricating screws. Better than bees wax and quite comparable to acumpuckee and butchers wax. Though just a notch below white lead, its much cheaper.