Many Thanks From Blackbird

Many thanks to Fred and Roger for many hours of assistance in laying new decks. Three kingplanks installed, sub-deck blocking, deckbeams, and about 1/3 of the new deck. Roger, owner of Saltwind travelled up from Vanceburg KY to lend his incredible enthusiasm and solid wood working skills, along with Fred who managed the hired help and kept things moving. Lot of fun guys, thanks. Will post pictures of progress, for now here is the work crew. Thanks also to Joe Lowell of Even Keel Marine for lending his expertise and John Tarbox our new boatbuilder protoge.

Deck as of December 19

Deck as of December 28

Deck as of December 30

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Saltwind happy to help !

Had a great time, learned alot too. Great food, good beer, wood to whittle with a little cussing thrown in. Fine Manly sport.
Hope to get Saltwind under roof and get her started this winter.
Pete and Sandy are the salt of the earth and love their schooner, happy to call them friends.