Annual Meeting will feature MIT Museum’s Kurt Hasselbalch

The Hart Nautical Collections at the MIT Museum include plans, photographic material, models, marine art and technical records pertaining to a vast array of vessels. The Hart collections hold substantial materials relating to schooner design and history, including 40,000 plans from Herreshoff, Lawley, Frank Paine, George Owen and a recent addition of the John G Alden Collection. For more than twenty years Hasselbalch, as curator, has contributed design and visual data to hundreds of maritime restoration/preservation projects as well as a growing number of small and large vessel replica projects. Notable replicas include the 96’ L.W.L. Herreshoff schooner yachts Eleonora (Westward) and Elena (1910 & 1911). The Hart Collections have also supported countless articles in boating magazines and nautical history works published around the world. Photograph of Herreshoff's schooner yacht Westward, Courtesy MIT Museum Sail plan for Alden's first schooner design (#21) Wendameen, built by Adams at East Boothbay, ME in 1912, Courtesy MIT Museum. Some of our members know Kurt through accessing the Hart Collections and his participation in previous Gloucester Schooner Race events. He is keen to share the richness of schooner heritage at MIT Museum. We expect he will be a participant in Friday night’s social gathering Al Bezanson Green Dragon

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Listings for MIT

We recently received about 100 listings w/ photos and some plans, and brochures of schooners listed for sale from 1929-1931 from the person’s family who eventually bought 309A (Charles Landa). Includes letters / listings from brokers such as Drake Sparkman (before and after formation of S&S), J.G. Alden, Litton Rig, Henry Geilow, Payne & Sweisguth, and Hollis Burgess.

Schooners in the listings included those designed by Hoyt, Casey, Mower, Roue, Hysler, Winslow, Morse, Alden, Crowninshield, Borden, Rice, Burgess&Morgan, Small, Watts, Arnold, Atkin, Hilkey, Brown and others.

A remarkable temporal collection and cross section of schooners in the range of 38-50 feet on deck during the Great Depression. We will bring them to the Annual Meeting for those that would like to look them over. Eventaully we'll donate them to MIT Hart Museum if accepted, and after we have had chance to copy and cull some items related to the 309s.

Charles W Morgan Tour

Although Mystic Seaport will be closed during the Annual Meeting a private tour of the Morgan's restoration has been arranged at 3 PM February 3rd for ASA members. If you can manage an early arrival and wish to participate contact Mary Anne at fgsmcq(at)comcast(dot)net. The Seaport has been very accommodating and will need a head count to arrange staffing.

Al & George

Al Bezanson and George Wall deserve the credit for getting this to happen!