Need I say more?

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Blackbird, have you lost your spirit of tradition? Lite? C'mon boy, you're a schoonerman.

Progress might have been alright once, but it has gone on too long

Green Dragon

Salvaged Pieces After Meals

Jim and Sandy Davis
S/V Isa Lei


Not all of us have been rewarded by the vigor and health benefits of the green dragon. So I was suggesting an alternative for those with sodium sensative diets. I of coarse will administer you a blind taste test of spam light and regular spam spushi just so you prove to all that a true schoonerman can tell the difference. I have been known to put tonic in my rum at times, so I can't claim that vaunted title.

The Lite Curse

Why is it that good things whose first letter is S have to be “litened”?
Spam – sodium = missing flavor
Sweets – sugar = what’s the point? (Bring on that cake Darlene!)
Schooner lite = sloop

200 Fishers Island oysters are aboard my truck, ready for the ride to Mystic. They are so good they won’t be needin’ cocktail sauce, but I forgot lemons. Picking up a generous supply of fresh ciabatta rolls tomorrow. They will be good companions for spam, cheese and other assorted goodies that may show up.

Green Dragon

NOT Lite.

Don't worry Al, we aren't bringing anything lite.
The Smith Island cake is definitely heavy. We also are bringing a Baltimore favorite, Berger cookies. These are a sliver of shortbread topped with a large dollop of chocolate fudge. Get ready for a sugar rush.