Thank You Alex Rhinelander

Three Cheers Alex for all the time and attention you put in to keep the website up and running.

Given all the recent unannounced server changes at the hosting company, interruptions to the site that you have had to correct, (I'm sure some e-mails with grumblings), just wanted to voice a word of thanks for your effort to create this wonderful website and keep in upright.



Alex, you're a champ! With the early spring i know that Comet II is beckoning to be released from the barn and you would have sooner been attending to her needs than dealing with #@&*# cyberconfusion. When you sail her back up here to the westward for a visit be warned that an ASA boarding party will swarm aboard to welcome you.


Adding my thanks

Cheers to Alex. Always reliable and always answers
e-mail cries for help.
Darlene Alexander