Gloucester Schooner Race 2012

LEWIS H STORY approaches the first turn as SPIRIT OF MASSACHUSETTS, LIBERTY CLIPPER, SUGAR BABE, BALD EAGLE and ESTRELA reach back to the starting mark. It was a boat-for-boat, no handicap, reach-reach with the marks set two miles apart. Large (>80 ft) and medium (45-80 ft) schooners sailed three times around. The breeze was about 7 kt at the start, but by leg 5 it lightened and backed and so about half the fleet was unable to finish within the four hour limit. Small schooners (under 45 ft) sailed two times around. (Photo by Amy Beaudet from GREEN DRAGON)

At the time of this post these preliminary results were available. These other entries were not listed above:

Large Schooners (12 mile course)
Spirit of Massachusetts DNF
Liberty Clipper DNF

Medium Schooners (12 mile course)
Thomas E Lannon DNF
Ardelle DNF

Small Schooners (8 mile course)
Sugar Babe DNF
Lewis H Story DNF
Tillicum 1 (Vancouver BC) DNF
Fame DNS
Irena DNS

GREEN DRAGON, SUGAR BABE, LEWIS H STORY and ESTRELA at the start. The breeze went from light to lighter.

SUMMERWIND, from the US Merchant Marine Academy in King's Point NY.

ADVENTURER, first to finish and looking spectacular from a long winter of TLC in Cambridge, MD

BALD EAGLE, out o' Gloucester

The ASA Rendezvous Award was presented by Vice Commodore Bill Carton to new members Capt. Dom Nesta (15) of TIDE SKIPPER and his mate Max Ramsey (14). On race day they were up at the crack of dawn delivering donuts to every schooner. Their enthusiasm and drive left us all with very good feelings about being in Gloucester.

SPIRIT OF MASSACUSETTS has just been gifted an early ration of munchkins from the crew of TIDE SKIPPER

Maritime Gloucester provided dock space for seven schooners and served as headquarters of sorts. Enthusiastic volunteers donated food and were in evidence here at the Post-Race Awards.

Every schooner was greeted with a pineapple and fresh Virgilio’s bread (in some cases still warm from baking) by new members Brett Ramsey and son Max. Ours was delivered at high speed just as we entered the breakwater.

Headquarters for Brett Ramsey’s high speed hospitality boat. That’s Jay Irwin on the 'porch'. Passers-by on Rt. 128 will be doing a double-take one of these days when they spot GREEN DRAGON berthed alongside.

Story in Cape Ann Beacon Adventure Leads Parade of Sail

There is a multitude of photos on the website Good Morning Gloucester
Search "Schooner Festival" or "Parade of Sail"

Al Bezanson