Hey Roger

How is Saltwind coming along? Our laptop was dead for the last 6 weeks so I have not been in touch. Still trying to get my old e-mail up and running

Blackbird goes in in late October. Still short three planks, (garboards are in) a rudder, a few planks in the deck, engine, cockpit, couple thousand bungs and some caulking. But with a little hard work we'll get there.


Saltwind finally getting roof over her head!

Peter, that is great news about BB...! Havent taken Saltwind past the strip-out, but happy to announce she will be in her new digs in the next 30 days...trusses finished up today...pix posted in my section.

Roger & Julie, Saltwind..

Great Building

Roger - That's the way to do it. The start of the shed for the boat restoration looks voluminous. That will greatly enhance the efficiency of your work. I have a deep furrowed track across the lawn from the boat to the shop and the time you will save will be measured in years. Mine was measured in lots of wet soggy shoes.