Philadelphia to Baltimore Race results

If you've read the recent Wing & Wing you probably saw Sam Hoyt's comments in Dogwatch about the challenge I issued to Pride of Baltimore II, A J Meerwald, Summerwind (NY) and Summer Wind (PA) to race from Philadelphia to Baltimore.

We were all going to be at the Independence Seaport Museum's Old City Seaport Festival in Philadelphia and heading to Baltimore for the GCBSR. Five schooners heading in the same direction at roughly the same time sounded like an opportunity for a race to me.

I sent out the challenge, which can be found here. The rules were simple: leave when you want, arrive when you get there and keep track of your time underway and under engine. Shortest elapsed time under way corrected by a 50% penalty for time under engine and the GCBSR rating wins. Losing crews buy winning crew drinks.

I brainstormed with Gina Pickton at the museum to come up with a name. Gina was opting for "The Spectacular Philadelphia to Baltimore Race." There are already a couple of "Great" events. I was concerned that the name was too long and suggested "Epic" instead and "The Epic Philadelphia to Baltimore Race" was born.

I had a trophy cup made up for the race: a beer "schooner" with an etched race logo. The boatshop at the Independence Seaport Museum turned a beautiful stand for it and the musuem will keep it on permament display making this a perpetual trophy.

After the Philadelphia festival we all made our way down to Baltimore according to our own schedules. On Quintessence we tied up at Chesapeake City for the night. Pride and Summerwind motored straight through. Summer Wind motorsailed the whole way. Meerwald motored and sailed, managing to sail 39% of the way down. I managed 47% on Quintessence.

When all the calculations were complete, the A. J. Meerwald had won. She beat me on Quintessence by a little over three minutes. Having motored all the way Summer Wind, Pride II and Summerwind all had heavy motoring penalties and placed 3rd, 4th, 5th.

Immediately after the race Jesse Briggs, who skppered the Meerwald to victory, announced his retirement from racing declaring that beating both Pride of Baltimore II and Summerwind in a race had to be the highlight of his racing career.

I fulfilled the "losing boats" obligations by hosting Meerwald's crew (as well as a few other straglers from Edlyn Rose and Libertate) to a round of wonderful Costa Rican Rum aboard Quintessence in Portsmouth. There is photographic evidence taken by Paul Carroll of Libertate which I am sure will be posted as soon as Al Bezanson gets around to copying it off his camera. I believe we managed to fit 15 people in and around Quintessence's cockpit. Her bowspirt was pointing a bit higher than usual and she was slightly down by the stern.

Obviously, this was far from a serious race, and everyone enjoyed the whole "race." Come join us next year for the second running! Rumor has it that Mystic Whaler may even come up and join the festivities!


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Where's Waldo?

Paul, first the BIR and now the PTBR, You'll have us all giving up our day jobs to become full time schooner rendezvousers. Where can I get applications for next year?

Thanks for all your passion and hard work!

Al Bezanson

points for ballast.

Say ... what about adding a criterion for the Epic Race results wherein boats carrying additional ballast get a reduction in elapsed time? Kinda like handicapping horse races by considering the weight of the jockey. If Paul, Mike Wick, Greg DeCowsky and I for instance were on the race crew I think Quintessence should get at least 10 minutes knocked off. I figure the four of us would weigh collectively well over half a ton. Include Greg's "Ditty tool bag" and we'd be off the charts!

Where's Emily?

Would be a more appropriate caption for the photo as only her leg made it into the picture. It is the extra one draped across a few people in the upper right of the cockpit! I'm pretty sure the rest of her was there too.

The incredible Meerwald

Here she is folks -- the swift beauty from Bivalve -- winner of the First Annual Epic Philadelphia to Baltimore Race.