Birthin'                                                                                                                              Restin'


This is Lady Millie, in 1951, from Chester Spear's shop behind Scituate Light. That's Chester on the right with his brother Ernest, we think, for whom the boat was built. Construction had begun in 1939 and progressed under the watchful eye of Sandy, seen paddlin' here. When I acquired her in 1962 she was Brenda Lee. At that time I lived on Long Wharf and renamed her Green Dragon, for the tavern nearby that was "the Headquarters of the Revolution."

Recently Chester Spear's grandson, Chris Hall, way down in Lousiana, located me via the amschooner website and we have been enjoying an exchange of information. In September Chris paid us a visit and took the helm for a glorious afternoon of beam reaching in a schooner breeze.  He just came into these photographs -- passed along by his father.

                                           Chris Hall at the helm  --  2012
Al Bezanson
Green Dragon



What a treasure trove, Al.

Not a lot of headroom in that shed, though.


boat building

Talk about building a boat in a closet!  Surely this is the largest vessel to come out of that boat shed!

low headroom

I thought that the shed that Rick Carrion built around Elf had no headroom! After years working bent over on her deck it was the strangest feeling to be able to stand upright on her deck after she was pulled out. These are great pics Al.