ASA rocks

Our burgee has been flying for months over the most popular pub in town.  
Who can name the place?

The pub

The Green Dragon?

Cape Ann Brewing

Hi Bill   -- It's the home of Gloucester Fisherman's Brew we're talking about, down at the west end of Rogers Street, right on the new Gloucester HarborWalk. It is set up like a beer hall with long tables and benches, a very popular gathering spot for locals and city visitors.  During the last Schooner Festival the pub helped attract vistors to the event and contributed its fine brew at the Awards Gathering.  The ASA burgee came into their hands during a multi-pitcher Schooner Festival planning session. 

There is a city dinghy dock just a few steps from the pub.  Very handy when you come ashore to refill yor growlers.

Check it out here:


The Green Dragon Tavern on the Freedom Trail in Boston is a bit tame compared to the days when the Sons of Liberty gathered there. If you come up here for a visit we might head out for some taste tests in Gloucester and Boston.