John Rousmaniere will be the featured speaker at the Annual Meeting in Mystic this year.  The topic is “The Seamanship Ethos,” and sailors of all experience levels will benefit from what he has to say.   Those involved in racing are especially encouraged to attend this important talk.  A large turnout is expected and members are advised to make a reservation for the Saturday luncheon as soon as possible.

On Friday evening the Hampton Inn will be the site of a social gathering with member-provided food and beverages in the Conference Room.  This is a time for newcomers to get acquainted and for regulars to get reinvigorated around our complimentary oyster bar.  Chantey fans with unlimited repertoires will be there with fiddles and such.  (Warning – sleep deprivation is a common side effect.)   On Saturday evening many stay over and, as a group, occupy a room at a local restaurant.

Again, newcomers are especially welcome to attend our meeting, to get involved and become active in the ASA.  If you have been a day-tripper to the meeting in the past, consider staying over for a much richer experience.  Contact the Hampton Inn at 860 536 2536.
Al Bezanson
Green Dragon
1/30/13  In case you missed the notice  -- the Annual Meeting is at Latitude 41 with mug up starting at 9:00 AM.

1/31/13   Food alert.  We know this much.  Starting about 5:30 we have 200 tasty Noank oysters, a keg of Bill Comella's award-winning brew, and five growlers of Gloucester Fisherman's Brew.  FM have the lemons.  But no cocktail sauce allowed for such fine oysters.

Ravens fans may collect their special treats from Patriots fans at the oyster bar
Could use some rat cheese 

John Rousmaniere

Al, thanks for information. I watched a U-tube video of Mr. Rousmaniere talking about a terrible event that occured in the Annapolis harbor last year. The information he offered was detailed and demonstrated his ability to thoroughly evaluate a situation. I think we will all gain some insight into safety measures and precautions no matter what our level of sailing experience may be.
 I am looking forward to the ASA in Mystic weekend. I will see you all on Friday night for our Sailors night social.

Food alert for Friday night

Watch the OP here for what we are learning about Friday night's refreshments.  If anyone wishes to contact me about intentions I will update the OP.  Email schooner39atgmail dot com
Not trying to be organized because that's not our style  -- just want to avoid oversupply of such things as whoopie pies.  Last year we had copious leftovers for Saturday night.

Ptown oysters

John Santos (left) surprised us with a basket of exquisite  oysters from his own beds in Provincetown.  The next course was a batch of 200 Noanks.  Accompanied by Bill Comella's award-winning beer and growlers of Gloucester Fishermen's Brew.  Smiling Bill Carton is John's able assistant.  The food brought in by members was creative, varied, delicious and ample, so there was no need for an emergency run to Mystic Pizza.  The contingent of purple-clad Ravens fans were delighted with the cold baked bean sandwiches set out by Patriots fans.  So they said.