Notice of Race -- Vineyard Cup

Received this invitation from Brock Callen, Director, Sail Martha's Vineyard --

"At the suggestion of Jamie Weisman who owns the schooner Perception here on the Vineyard I am contacting you to inquire how best to let your Membership know that the 2013 Vineyard Cup ( is being held July 12-14th this year. We have a pretty decent group of schooners right here in Vineyard Haven, but we’d all really like to see the Classic Division continue to grow. The event attracts close to 100 boats from 18’ to 126’. Of that, the Classic Division usually has 10 to 14 entries. I always find it interesting that the folks sailing more modern boats react along the lines of, “It’s so great to be sailing among the schooners.” The courses are designed so that no vessel, deep or shoal draft, Marconi or gaff rig is advantaged. That said, if we get a smoky southwester, which can certainly happen that time of year, waterline and possible long reaches will come into play. There is good holding ground in 15’ to 20’ of water in the outer harbor, so boats can just drop a hook and avoid the cost of an overnight mooring. Access to the Race Village is free. There’s plenty of food and drink available inside the village along with sponsor pop-up stores, a free concert on Saturday and a whole lot more.
The Vineyard Cup is run for the benefit of Sail Martha’s Vineyard, an organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of the Island’s maritime heritage, skills and culture. I’ve attached a summary of all that we do, so you can get a better sense as to the breadth of our programs, the vast majority of which are for children ages 8 to 18."  

Last year six beautiful schooners raced in the Classic Division --- Charlotte, Juno, Perception, Phra Luang, Alabama and Ishmael.  Take some time to the look at the website.  This is a premier event.
Al Bezanson