Free Cabin Heater to Member Boat

We will not be re-using a very attractive brass cabin heater when Blackbird returns to the water this year.  Off the cabin sole it stands about 5 feet tall, is narrow and runs on diesel.  I have a spare Charlie Noble for it.  There is a diesel pump that ran off our main fuel line to power it.  It has a drip style convective burner element, and it appeared to work just fine when last used.  We prefer the Espar.  I would bet this is vintage early 1960s to mid 60s.  I can send photos if there is ant interest.  Free to a good boat.
Just let me know- Blackbird

Brass Cabin Heater is Spoken For

Thanks to a quick response the brass cabin heater will adorn Matt Sutphin's beatiful Crocker Schooner Tyrone homeported in Chatham / Harwich MA.  If you have not seen Tyrone, please see her chapter in the book Great American Schooner Yachts, published by Schiffer in 2012.

Cabin heater's new home

Paid a visit to Matt in Harwichport and saw that he has the heater polished up nicely.  It's a perfect fit in Tyrone's salon.   Says he can hardly wait for frigid weather to set in.