1921 International Fishermen's Race

From the collections of the CAPE ANN MUSEUM, Gloucester, Massachusetts
Through the generosity of the Cape Ann Museum this rare photograph of Elsie leading Bluenose has been made available to the American Schooner Association for the support of the 29th Gloucester Schooner Festival.  Read on here ..... http://www.amschooner.org/node/771

....... Thanks to the CAM Research Department's Photo Archivist .......

Al Bezanson

Bluenose's Rooster Tail

Al that truely is a great photo, thanks for sharing it.  Either Bluenose is really steaming along and rolling a big quarter wave or she has an early jet drive and is pushing a big rooster tail.... look just behind her stern for the wave.  I woud hate to suggest the latter so it must be the former.
Thats a sight not seen many times in history, Bluenose not leading a race.

Rooster tail

I had asked the Museum's Photo Archivist if he had something with Bluenose and Elsie racing.  When he came up with this great photo I assumed that was Bluenose in the lead, but I took a close look to be sure.  I had read that Elsie had a short bowsprit which is not evident here.  The trailing boat has a distinctive shape to her stem and I found photos of Bluenose that matched that shape.  After that I noticed a faint Old Glory at the peak of the lead boat. 

Perhaps the 'roostertail' is a great splash from something jettisoned to lighten ship by Angus Walters who was surely not pleased to be in that position.  It looks like Bluenose might be a little up to weather of Elsie Bluenose was able to point somewhat higher according to Marty Welch.  Both skippers were reputedly fearless running in close to ledges in these races.  Maybe we are seeing breakers here.                 

Bluenose Driving for the Finish Line

Bluenose at Racing Angle, Driving for the Finish Line [1921]

From the Nova Scotia Archives
Elsie was unable to keep her lead for long.  Bluenose got into her lee and forced her to luff into calm water under Sandwich Point.  Later in the race Elsie's foretopmast carried away when her ballooner was set.   See the account of this race here   http://www.amschooner.org/node/771

Bluesnose driving for the finish line

Now that is a beatiful sight.  And look, barely any white caps.  Heck the America's Cup boats would all be in at the dock and quivering with fear about hurting their rigs.  Corporate sissies.  Carrying away a spar was just part of the calcuated risk of competition.  Those Grand Bank schooner sailors were the real thing.  Its too bad racing like this is a thing of the past.