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Malabar III 1930 Listing
Malabar III for Sale- $7,500.
Sorry you had to be there in 1931 to put an offer on her.  This was her staysail rig before conversion to gaff fore as shown on her Litton Rigg & Co listing.  Telephone: Vanderbilt 1660.  Listing Remarks:  "Has proved to be very able and dry in rough weather, with a fine turn of speed under staysail rig.  Finished fourth in her class in the 1926 Bermuda Race, beating Malay, winner of all classes in the 1930 Race. The boat was owned by Everett Morse Jr, who spent a pile of gold putting her in A-1 shape".  She has a Scipps 4-cyl installed in 1926 and sails by Cousen and Pratt in 1930.  Comes with the dingy as shown above.